Cloud Migration

Cloud migration decision can be the most challenging task for any organisation’s leadership team, as this is an uncharted territory for most of them.

Cloud migration inherently breeds exciting innovations and can improve organisation’s productivity by leaps and bounds. By moving in-house IT infrastructure and applications into the cloud, businesses can become more agile, efficient and most importantly cost effective.

To find out if your organisation is ready for cloud migration, and explore the cloud migration strategies, contact us and one of our cloud migration experts will help you achieve your goal.

Why move to cloud with CloudSphere?


Cost Savings and Pay As You Go (PAYG)

The beauty of Cloud is PAYG Model. Only pay for what you have used. When used appropriately, businesses can save on IT infrastructure costs as they don’t need to invest huge sum of money in purchasing hardware and software to run their applications. This model is also ideal as businesses do not need to incur capital expenses every few years to recycle old IT infrastructure.


World Class IT Infrastructure

Whether you are a one man Pizza Shop or a world class enterprise business like Netflix, you get to use the same IT Infrastructure with Cloud Providers. We will guide you on how to use them effectively ensuring your business achieves desired outcomes.


Enhanced Focus On Your Core Business

By offloading your Cloud Infrastructure management tasks to us, you can become stress free from IT management and spend more time focusing more on growing your business and generating greater value for your customers.


Rapid Innovation

Be ahead of the pack by innovating with cloud. With cloud innovation is easier than ever before. If you have an idea, it can be tested and developed quickly and products and services can be made market ready with greater speed and agility.


Built-in Security and High Availability

Enjoy the high availability and get your IT assets protected with cutting edge security in the cloud. In contrast to the general psyche, Cloud is much more secure than on premise IT Infrastructure as Cloud Providers are obliged to follow industry IT security standards and go through rigorous security audits from security certification bodies. 

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