Cloud Optimisation

As cloud becomes a new norm in IT, businesses are embracing it widely and rapidly. Though businesses are embracing the cloud, they may not be following all the Cloud best practices. Implementing and managing cloud could become a nightmare and cloud infrastructure costs can quickly spiral out of control, if it is not implemented correctly. This is where we can help our customers to implement Cloud best practices and optimise the Cloud Infrastructure to the Max. This generally involves cost optimisation, improving operational excellence, securing the IT infrastructure and ensuring IT systems remains reliable and highly available at all times.

Our cloud expertise will enable you to achieve your digital transformation objectives.

Why optimise with CloudSphere?


Access and Plan

Optimisation of cloud starts right from the Assessment and Planning phase. This involves creating cloud strategy and assessing the current situation and planning for the desired future state of the cloud infrastructure. Measures to implement cloud best practices for security, reliability, high availability and cost reductions should be put in place.


Migrate to Cloud

Migrate the Test and Development workloads and once these workloads are in operation as expected, start migrating Production workload. Continually improve on every steps of migration and complete the cloud migration with desired state.   Enable a more consistent and cost effective cloud strategy.


Operate in Cloud

Operate the workload in the Cloud with cloud native approach and deliver methodology. Integrate with CI/CD pipelines in delivering IT infrastructure and enhance the effectiveness of your applications and infrastructure that gives the business the ability to transform and deliver superior customer experience. As cloud operation matures, continue improving in cloud processes and procedures.


Automate and Innovate

Anything that is repetitive and time consuming should be automated. Automation also breeds innovation. As cloud operation matures, dependency on manual deployment processes should be reduced to improve operation excellence. Innovate on processes and procedures which can be replaced by automation allowing you to reliably deploy delivery pipelines in real-time.

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