Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud can bring improved IT efficiency, reliability, enhanced security and high availability to your business. Managed Cloud Services with CloudSphere can deliver tailored solutions to suit your custom IT requirements and as a result you can enjoy a cutting edge cloud infrastructure with world class customer service that can deliver the greatest benefit of cloud computing.

Our cloud expertise will enable you to achieve your digital transformation objectives.

Managed Cloud Service with CloudSphere


Scalability in Cloud and Resource Provisioning

Adapt and transition quickly to ever evolving business needs – innate ability of Cloud will enable your business to increase or decrease the IT resource capacity on demand, as and when needed. Gone are the days of traditional Capacity Planning and over provisioning of IT resources in advance for future use cases.


Data Durability and Security

You can be assured that we’re very serious about data sovereignty, so you can be assured that your data is always safe and sound in the cloud and stored securely in your preferred geo-location. With eleven 9s of durability you can be assured that your data is always available around the globe at anytime.


Service Availability and Reliability

We manage your your over all cloud infrastructure that hosts your full application stack including your critical Databases (whether it be on Premise or on the Cloud), Caching Layer, Front End Application, Middleware application and all the backend components. All of these resources will be highly available ensuring reliable services all the time.


Utility like Cost Model

Business can choose fixed or pay as you go models with our Cloud Managed Service, that will help in reducing IT expenditure and capital investments. There are no capital expenses required with Cloud resources and our pay as you go model can be used for your Cloud Infrastructure needs.


Focus on What you do the best

With our Managed services, businesses can be assured that their cloud resources are well looked after by our cloud experts. We do the heavy lifting and handle all of the tedious IT chores with guaranteed SLAs of 99.99% per month. With peace of mind, businesses can focus more on their core competencies and focus more on providing the best customer service and improving their revenue and profitability.

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