Devops & Automation

Cloud Infrastructure Deployment and Devops & Automation go hand in hand. Moving to cloud enables businesses to take full advantage of cloud capabilities through improvements of application and Infrastructure deployment methods. Cloud native capabilities that allows businesses to architect, design and deploy Infrastructure as a Code is becoming new norm in IT resource deployment. Applications and Cloud Resources can be versioned and new versions of application and IT infrastructure can deployed in real time with no downtime with appropriate DevOps & Automation. With IT resources in Cloud, using DevOps culture and practice, businesses can unlock new capabilities and the ability to scale, automate and operate your IT assets with low manual overhead.

Our cloud expertise will enable you to achieve your digital transformation objectives.

Devops & Automation with CloudSphere?


Infrastructure as a Code

Cloud makes it possible to deploy Infrastructure as a Code. This enables to deploy the same Infrastructure on Development, Test and Production environments with minimum fuss. This becomes supercharged if used in conjuction with Devops and Automation. Leverage the expertise of CloudSphere’s team to become lean and agile.


Consistence Service

Alsong with DevOps, leveraging the cloud native capabilities such as scalability, high availability, security and redundancy becomes a breeze. Businesses can be assured that the application and infrastructure in cloud is highly performant, available 24/7 and is safe and secure.


Continuous Integration and Delivery

With Cloud native APIs, Integration of multiple systems that are automated (both internal and external) is much easier. This helps in continuous integration of various systems and helps in delivering consistent customer experience every time.

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